Featured Image for ‘Fortnite’ is coming to a Monopoly board and Nerf Blaster near you

‘Fortnite’ is coming to a Monopoly board and Nerf Blaster near you

What do you get when you combine perhaps the most successful video game of the past year with the most successful board game in the history of tearing families apart?

You get Monopoly: Fortnite Edition!

Oh, and we’re also set to get a stack of Nerf Blasters that have similarly been given the Fortnite treatment – so if your mates are pissing you off by driving you bankrupt in Monopoly, you can shoot them in the face.

(Legal disclaimer: do not shoot people in the face.)

The Fortnite-branded toys and boardgame have come about due to a partnership between Epic Games and Hasbro.

Fortnite has quickly become a cultural phenomenon with legions of players worldwide, many of whom are already searching for NERF blasters to host their own Fortnite battles,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, president of Hasbro Brands.

“Through our collaboration with Epic Games, fans will now have the ability to experience the Battle Royale in all new ways, whether it’s the active and adventurous fun of a NERF Fortnite blaster battle or the exciting strategising of playing Monopoly Fortnite with friends.”

Monopoly Fortnite cover

What’s more, the companies are doing more than just rebranding the standard Monopoly board with Fortnite location names and character skins. Rather, they are promising to “bring a battle building twist to the iconic Fast Dealing Property Trading game”.

Specifically, the game will also utilise an “action die” which allows players to damage their opponents and collect health packs, while “Storm Cards” bring another layer of anarchy to Rich Uncle Pennybags’ rules.

“Hasbro is well-known for bringing iconic brands to life, and we’re honored to collaborate on an awesome lineup that delivers on the fun of Fornite,” said Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein.

“NERF blasters are truly the best way to reenact Fortnite battles outside of the game, and we can’t wait to see our fans create Fortnite stories all of their own with the iconic accessories seen in the game, or by bringing the battle offscreen with Monopoly.”

The new products are expected to hit stores on October 1.

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