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Only a handful of people in the world can afford this incredible property

Well, this one puts the Aussie property market into perspective.

Calling itself “The Mountain 90210”, this 157 acre property could be sold off as six one-block properties, but just as likely, according to the listing agent, the whole thing could be sold as a single package, allowing one lucky buyer the opportunity to turn it into one of the world’s most exclusive compounds.

The price for the whole thing, located in the exclusive Beverly Hills, Los Angeles? That’d be A$1.35 billion!

“It really is the last amazing undeveloped property here,” listing agent Aaron Kirman told Nine.

“You see everything in all of Los Angeles. There’s not one part of LA you don’t see, (it’s a) 360-degree view.”

Brad Pit and Tom Cruise both reportedly had their eye on the property in the past, but with neither of them being members of the Three Comma Club, it would appear their interest won’t eventuate to much.

In fact, Kirman said he expected the interest in the property to be highly selective.

“We’ve had a lot of billionaires reach out to us and they have wanted to do massive gardens, amphitheatres. Pretty much whatever somebody wants to do, they can do,” he said.

“There’s 2850 billionaires in the world, and we figured 50 people would actually want to buy it, so we believe there are 50 people who want to buy this property, between 50 and 100.”

Between 50 and 100 people – that is a seriously small pond in which to be fishing.

Of course, it’s also the most lucrative pond in the world, with Pricey Pads reporting Kirman stands to make an eye-watering US$20 million in commission for the sale.

However, Kirman was a little less forthcoming when talking to Nine.

“I’ve learned never count my commission before I get it, so we definitely don’t do that,” he said.

“But it would be a nice payday for sure.”

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