The Bachelor Australia 2018: Who is Vanessa Sunshine?

On Wednesday night, Channel 10 will premiere The Bachelor Australia 2018 starring former Wallabies winger Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins – and it looks like contestant Vanessa Sunshine has already made her mark on the show.

With The Bachelor Australia‘s premiere date confirmed, the show’s organisers have been building hype by sharing promotional videos featuring each contestant.

Sunshine, a legal secretary from Melbourne, has already caused a stir after her introduction video was posted on the show’s Facebook page.

The post accompanying the video reads:

“Get ready for the life of the party, Vanessa Sunshine. Will she be the sunshine of Nick’s life?”

With over 840 comments on the video, the feisty contestant is splitting opinions big time.

“I think Miss Sunshine might be a tad cray cray, the next Villain perhaps?” writes one commenter.

Another says, “I can already tell she’s gonna be a hot topic in the drama cabana.”

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The 27-year-old seems to have caught Nick’s eye, with him confessing to the cameras “Vanessa, she’s beautiful… I just don’t know if I should be running or chasing.”

But who is Vannessa Sunshine?

The bachelorette is relatively unknown on social media, with a modest social media following of around 900 on Instagram.

twenty•eighteen. page 3 of 365

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on top of the world in a coin laundry

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It seems we’ll have to wait until the first episode airs on Wednesday night to find out more about the beautiful brunette.

2018 marks the sixth season of The Bachelor Australia, a show in which an “eligible bachelor” dates 25 hopefuls, eliminating several each week with the ambition to find love with the winner.

Whilst the bachelor himself isn’t always a celebrity, the sixth season has sparked massive interest after it was revealed sports legend and all-round funny guy Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins would be starring on the show.

There’s been huge speculation as to whether Nick, 30, is ready to settle down.

“I’m as nervous as a duck in a doona factory”, he says in one advert.

Luckily, we don’t have long to find out who floats the ex-rugby player’s boat: the new season airs on Wednesday August 15, 7:30pm AEST.


Expectations were high for Nick’s banter and it didn’t take long for him to deliver.

In his very first moments in the Bachelor mansion, Cummins gave some very sage advice to host Osher Gunsburg that frankly, we could all live by.


What followed was a procession of stunning women vying for his attention – with Sunshine getting many of her fellow contestants offside with her um…very…forward…attitude.

Surprisingly though, it wasn’t Sunshine who proved to be the most controversial figure – Cat polarising viewers on social media for causing drama with Sophie over some ex-boyfriend complications.

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