Featured Image for Choc-Mint Paddle Pops have made a triumphant return to Australia’s freezers

Choc-Mint Paddle Pops have made a triumphant return to Australia’s freezers

Streets has yielded to unrelenting pressure and announced that the iconic Choc-Mint Paw Print Paddle Pop is making a comeback.

Just 88 people have “liked” the Facebook page “Bring Back Mint Choc Paddle Pops”, a page whose description reads “Like this page if you would like to see Streets bring back the mint choc Paddle Pop”.

The page seems to have paid off, however, as the Aussie ice-confection company has seen the error of its way in ever taking away this delicious frozen treat.

“Paddle Pop has been loved by Aussies since it was first created in 1953. Bringing back Choc Mint Paw Print gives Aussies the opportunity to have their own blast from the past moments,” Streets marketing manager Scott Mingl said.

“Paw Print, in particular, has a very special place in many Paddle Pop fans’ hearts and we are thrilled to bring it back for a limited time.”

Blast From The Past ! Streets Have Brought Back The Choc-Mint Paw Print Paddle Pop For A Limited Time Only 🦁 🐾 . This Was A Big Hit When It Was First Released In 1996 And We Are Excited To Have It Back! Classic Chocolate Paddle Pop Coated In Icy Peppermint And Dusted With Sugar Paw Prints 8/10. ▪️Found At Shell Service Station. Now We Would Love Them To Bring Back Paddle Pop Mud Puddle ! @streetsicecreamau

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You’ll notice those chilling words “limited time”. Bummer – particularly when we’re still a good few months away from the Aussie summer kicking in in earnest.

Paddle Pops are great and all, but they’re not exactly a winter food, are they?

But the beauty of an ice-cream is that all you need do is stick it in the freezer and it’ll hold out until December rolls around… If you can resist the urge to eat it before then.

The product was re-launched in conjunction with a competition to win a pair of Paw Print slippers – basically, some sweet, warm footwear to give you Paddle Pop Lion paws for padding around the house in.

I can’t help but feel they really got a bit mixed up here, didn’t they? Slippers to enjoy your frozen treat in the middle of a chilly-ass winter.

These “blast from the past” flavours are a bit of a theme when it comes to Paddle Pops, with Streets having released Paddle Pop Bionic Bubble Gum last September and Caramel Chocolate Dip in April 2017.

Blast from the past! Paddle Pop Caramel Chocolate Dip. Back fo…

Blast from the past! Paddle Pop Caramel Chocolate Dip. The iconic flavour has made a return to shelves, with every bite taking you back to the good ole’ times of, scorching summer days, carefree sprinkler frolicking and family trips to the beach. Back for a limited time only.

Posted by Streets Ice Cream on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

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