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Why you should throw your spray-on sun cream away this summer

Approximately two in three of Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer, so why are we still using ineffective suncreams?

Even in the winter months – in the states where the temperature properly drops – suncream shouldn’t be abandoned. It keeps your skin healthy, it lowers the risk of skin cancer and it’s basically the best anti-aging product on the market.

Most Aussies have had the importance of suncream ingrained in them since they could walk and talk, but did you know there’s a suncream hierarchy?

And right at the bottom of the pile, in the basically-not-suncream-suncream is the spray kind.

The main pull of spray on suncream is that it requires minimum contact with the cream itself because it sprays directly onto skin.

However, experts have revealed the only way to really make spray-on suncream effective, is to spray until your skin is basically wet… and then rub it in anyway.

Not exactly the way to avoid getting oily hands, hey?

But the effectiveness of spray-on suncream, believe it or not, isn’t the only reason you should be trading it in with a cream version.

The research conducted on suncream is almost entirely on cream-based products, which means you have absolutely no idea what chemicals you’re putting on your skin.

Spray-on suncream might be the go-to for parents, with many opting for the spray-on option as it’s a lot easier to apply to children, but speaking to Gizmodo on the subject, dermatologist Ivy Lee had an alternative idea.

The American skin expert recommended instead, that parents opt for suncream sticks, using the stick as a pen to draw shapes on the children’s skin and even encouraging your kids to do it themselves.

“With kids, the sticks are very helpful in terms of building that self-efficacy, building a sunscreen habit,” Lee said.

“Have the kids be active participants in their sun safety. It’s also something that’s easy to take with them in their backpacks…”

It may be the middle of winter, but it’s never too soon to re-start your skin care regime, especially when it comes to suncream.

Real talk, oily hands are a very small price to pay for cancer prevention.

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