Stephen Colbert makes a fake Netflix sex PSA urging viewers to ‘do it’ more

Stephen Colbert discovered an article that showed that the big streaming website, Netflix, was killing couples sex lives.

After reading this, Stephen Colbert made a fake PSA from Netflix, with the help of Netflix stars, Mike Colter from ‘Luke Cage’, and Alison Brie from ‘Glow’.

This PSA encouraged viewers to take a little pause between episodes to do the deed.

Alison Brie takes a few popular shows from the streaming site and makes them sexual, including ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’, to which Mike Colter appears to be confused.

Stephen Colbert then comes onto the screen to encourage people to have sex whilst watching his ‘Late Show’, as people as he can’t risk that people “won’t un-pause” from his broadcast show.

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