New Lynx ad takes MAJOR shots at Aussie ball tampering over Aus vs. Kiwi rivalry

Lynx has previously created an ad starring New Zeland star, Julian Dennison, where he gained the confidence to ask out his crush by using the Lynx Australia deodorant spray.

Lynx has created a second ad, again following Julian Dennison’s character, where his relationship is at risk after an Australian shows up and starts talking to his girl.

This ad amplifies the Australian and New Zeland rivalry as they set out to versus each other in a game of handball. However, before he plays, he uses the new Lynx New Zeland deodorant spray to amp up his confidence.

Amidst a break in the gameplay, the Kiwi’s notice that the Aussies are ‘tampering’ with the ball, to which Julian Dennison’s character plays off as ‘Aussie’ characteristics.

WOW, way to take a shot at the Australian cricketing scandal.

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