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Fish oil supplements are useless, four-year study reports

First we told you standing desks may decrease brainpower. And now it’s your beloved fish oil caplets under scrutiny.

For decades we’ve been told that making fish oil capsules part of our daily routine could help protect against a long list of ailments, including the prevention of heart disease.

But a new study published in the Journal of the American Cardiology found that fish oil supplements might not have any effect at all.

And — get this! — that a healthy diet and exercise might be the key to good heart health.

The report took data from 10 random trials, with 77,197 adults (64 years on average) taking part over four years.

Each participant had cardiovascular disease or was at high risk for it. Participants took different forms of fish oil supplements, in doses that ranged from 226mg to 1800mg a day, and others took a placebo.

The results? Fish oil supplements did not provide “significant protection against major vascular events”.

The study follow up showed that 2,695 (3.5%) of participants died from heart disease, 2,276 (2.9%) suffered non-fatal heart attacks, 1,713 (2.2%) had strokes, 6,603 (8.5%) had procedures to reopen clogged arteries, and a whopping 12,001 (15%) of participants had a major cardiovascular event.

Professor Clarke says, “Millions of people take these things. But we have shown there is no benefit to them in the prevention of heart disease.

“Spend your money on fresh fruit and vegetables, things that will improve your health, instead. You don’t need these pills cluttering up your bathroom cabinet.

“What we still don’t know is if fish in itself has specific nutritional benefits for the heart. The stronger likelihood is that fish eaters are better off because they consume less meat.”

While this study shows fish oil supplements not benefitting heart health, the question still remains if the supplements can reduce ailments in other areas of the body.

So don’t throw away those costly caplets just yet.

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