Featured Image for Trump loses 300k followers within hours of Twitter’s mass account purge

Trump loses 300k followers within hours of Twitter’s mass account purge

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced this week that the social media giant would undertake a global purge of accounts that have been locked due to suspicious activity.

Curiously, within hours of the clearout beginning, the US president had already lost 300,000 followers.

Twitter’s move is part of a wider plan to eradicate trolls, bullies, hate speech and political manipulation from the platform. Back in March, the company went through a mea culpa in which they acknowledged that the misuse of their service has had “real-world negative consequences”.

To amend the situation, Twitter launched a public request for proposals to come up with “Twitter Health Metrics” that could improve their ability to regulate the platform and spot and prevent harmful behaviour more effectively.

On Wednesday, in a continuation of their plan to improve the “conversational health” of the service, Dorsey announced they would be dropping all accounts locked because of unusual behaviour.

Then, on Thursday morning, the CEO divulged the move was underway. Just fifteen minutes afterwards, Trump had lost some 100,000 followers. A couple of hours later, another 200,000.

By 3:45pm, the former reality television star had lost around 400,000 followers.

Mysteriously though, Trump’s account rebounded in a very short timespan with 100,000 new followers out of the blue.

The purge is expected to continue in the upcoming days, so these numbers are likely to change even more.

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    Friday 13 July 2018

    300k isn’t so bad. Obama lost over 2,000,000 fake followers overnight.

      Benjamin Pineros

      Benjamin Pineros

      Monday 16 July 2018

      True. But if we’re playing the comparison game, which is not what this piece is about anyway, Obama has twice as followers with half the number of tweets.