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Oops! Sony uploaded an entire movie to YouTube instead of the trailer

Weird marketing stunt or an epic blunder for the ages?

On June 3, Sony Pictures Entertainment uploaded a complete film to its YouTube channel instead of the trailer.

Khali the Killer is a direct-to-DVD crime action movie released last November and directed by Jon Matthews, author of the festival darling documentary of 2013, Surviving Cliffside.

Last Tuesday, Sony Pictures intended to upload the red-band trailer for the flick to their YouTube channel, but for some reason ended up uploading the entire movie – all 89 minutes of it.

Sony took more than six hours to notice the massive slip-up before removing it, but not before the film had already attracted more than 11,000 views.

In Khali the Killer, Richard Cabral plays a retired Latino hitman/cook extraordinaire who decides to take one more gig to help out his grandmother. Of course, that last job turns out to be more complicated than anyone expected.

The film has a shocking 3.6 score on IMDB and received poor reviews at the Mammoth Film Festival in February, which does suggest this ‘blunder’ was not a blunder at all. First off, it’s highly unlikely that employees of Sony’s social media team are handed with full-length masters of any film. Like, why?

Secondly, if it weren’t for this slip-up, nobody would be talking about this movie in the first place. So it’s more than probable that with the film having a limited theatrical release in the United States in August, this ‘accident’ could be nothing more than a marketing experiment to get the title buzzing in the press.

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