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An Aussie just won free KFC for a year because of a tattoo they got during Schoolies

Some people get tattoos to commemorate momentous occasions, others for religious or cultural reasons, while some just do it because sleeves make you look totally hot.

But if you want a better reason than any of those to ink up, getting a year’s worth of KFC would have to be it.

Which is exactly what happened to Sydney teenager Brooke Collins after she informed the Colonel’s representatives in Australia that she and her friend Brielle Sharkie had got matching KFC tattoos on their feet.

However, if you think you can simply get a mad KFC tatt and that’ll get you a year’s worth of dirty bird, you’d be mistaken.

Collins’ year worth of grease came after she won a Facebook competition to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day (which, OK, so apparently that’s a thing) wherein KFC was offering “The Chicken Cheque”, which can be cashed in for a year’s worth of deep-fried chook.

Collins told news.com.au she and her mate Brielle “had a bond over KFC during year 12, and both wanted to get matching tattoos at Schoolies”.

“I ended up making a status to see if we would get a certain amount of likes and we would get it, and obviously we did,” she said.

“So we got to the Gold Coast and had time to kill before check-in, and basically went and got the tattoos after being at Schoolies for not even half an hour! The tattoo shop people honestly could not believe us when we asked for what we wanted.”

As for what a year’s worth of KFC actually means, the competition’s terms and conditions outlines it as “the lump sum equivalent of AUD$100.00 of KFC food products for each of the fifty-two (52) weeks in a year”.

“Brielle and I always were hoping something crazy would come out of it, and here it is,” Collins said.

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