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This thread proves absurd baby names have gone one step too far

Celebrities have always been known to pick out obscure names for their children (remember Apple?), but in the last few years, the trend has been picked up by “ordinary” parents.

And I’m pretty unconvinced these names can be carried off by anyone who isn’t a fictional, dystopic character.

Annalise D, a member of parenting website Netmums, posted on the forum asking other users if they had any crazy baby names after discovering a friend of hers had really hit the, er, jackpot of obscure names.

“I was talking to my friend whose friend just had a baby.

“The baby’s name is spelled:


“And pronounced: Ab-si-dee.

“I’ve never heard of this name before – has anyone else? Or any other crazy names you’ve heard of?”

Thankfully, most people on the thread found the name absolutely absurd – and some even found the funny side.

“It’s great because if they have another they can call it ‘fghij’ then the next ‘klmno’ and so forth,” one user replied.

“I’ve heard of an ‘A-A’…..pronounced ‘Adasha’,” another added.

One user shared this gem: “There was a woman on a holiday we were on, whose twins were ‘Heaven’ and ‘Nevaeh’… not too odd on their own, but together rather strange!”

It seems the parents of Netmums aren’t alone in experiencing some weird and wonderful names. In May, The Sun published a list of the weirdest baby names of 2018.

Some of the “best” include Yza-Bella, Freezia, Xzayvian and Wizdom.

No, that is not a typo. Wizdom with a “z”.

It would appear parents across the world are stretching their imagination to ensure their children aren’t the fourth Emily in class. We just feel sorry for the kids – and the teachers who have to attempt to pronounce the names.

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