Featured Image for Challenge Serena Williams to a game of Snapchat tennis (spoiler: you’ll lose)

Challenge Serena Williams to a game of Snapchat tennis (spoiler: you’ll lose)

So you think you’re good at tennis? How about taking on tennis pro Serena Williams… in Bitmoji form?

Yes, you’ll probably still leave a sore loser, but at least you can say you battled the queen of the court.

To mark the arrival of Wimbledon, Snapchat is allowing your Bitmoji to play against Serena’s in a one-on-one grass court match.

“It’s so fun because how often do you get to play against me”, the seven-time champ said.

By the way, Serena has played the game and still can’t win against herself. And her husband, Alexis gives us the same sad warning on his Twitter account:

The Serena Williams tennis game is a partnership with Snapchat, meaning it’s not sponsored content just for Wimbledon. According to Mashable writer Rachel Kraus, Serena “just really loves Bitmoji”. This is the app’s very first celebrity partnership for its interactive 3D Bitmoji Lens.

To play, link your Bitmoji account to Snapchat, then open Spanchat filters and tap to play against Serena Williams. Beware though! The speed of the game increases with each level, so a few finger exercises before playing is recommended.

Let us know if you take on Serena Williams and win — though we have a hunch this tennis star is unstoppable, both on the court and on the app.

Don’t have Snapchat but need to play against your hero? Download the app here.

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