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Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court of the United States

As a result of the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, Brett Kavanaugh, who currently sits on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, has been nominated for the SCOTUS.

Trump announced the news at AEST 11am, July 10, confirming that Judge Kavanaugh is his nomination to join the Supreme Court when Justice Kennedy officially retires on July 31.

The 53-year-old famously helped craft the “Starr Report” on Bill Clinton, the investigation which resulted in the president’s impeachment in 1998.

Whilst the choice of Kavanaugh may raise flags with some conservatives, the judge more recently admitted Clinton should’ve been spared from investigation.

Kavanaugh was nominated over a list of 25 candidates, each hand-picked by the President and his advisors and all of them more conservative than Justice Kennedy.

What you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh

  • Kavanaugh is a Yale Law School graduate who has authored over 280 opinions since his appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Last year, he ruled against the abortion rights of an undocumented immigrant teen.
  • The Judge has said he opposes Washington DC’s limitations on semi-automatic long guns.
  • Despite his clear conservative preferences, Kavanaugh is tied with George W Bush and served as his counsel and staff secretary. (Trump has a somewhat turbulent relationship with the ex-President).
  • The introduction of Kavanaugh to the SOTUS could affect laws on abortion and gay-rights, as Kennedy fought for both and was known as a “swing-judge” in decisions.

With Trump as the president and Mitch McConnell controlling the Senate, the conservatives have a huge amount of control of the Supreme Court, which had initially retained some liberal qualities due to Justice Kennedy.

More good news for the US, then.

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