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Hurry, these movies and TV shows are expiring on Netflix Australia in July

Not to provoke a total state of panic or anything, but just so you know, a HUGE stack of amazing films and TV shows will be scrapped from Netflix Australia this month.

Sadly, it’s an inevitable part of the entertainment industry. License agreements expire and titles are dropped from platforms every day. But what makes this cut a bit more dramatic than usual is the sheer quality and quantity of content that is being pulled off in a single month.

“New on Netflix” is a watchdog dedicated to listing all the movies that will be removed from the service month by month. It’s not an official site, but they have an excellent track record because they base their lists on expiring licence agreements. These people rarely miss a beat.

Their list for July is turning on all alarms, as huge award-winning titles and cult hits will be pulled out of Netflix’s roster.

If you like family films, we’re sad to inform that the beloved BAFTA award nominee from 2014, Paddington, will be dropped tomorrow (July 7). The quintessential British all-ages tale of a talking bear is one of best-rated PG comedies of recent years, and it’s one of those films that brings out the inner child in all of us. Don’t be fooled by the CGI animals – this is really a great movie.

At least you have one more day to watch it, right? Good, now that we’re focusing on positives, we’re just going to slip in the truly awful news that Hot Fuzz and When Harry Met Sally were pulled down today (July 6). Expired. Gone. Vanished.

As if that doesn’t suck enough, Burn After Reading also got the chop today *softly weeps*. While those are the heavy hitters to be removed from Netflix Australia in July, there are several more that will soon be unavailable:

July 8

  • Percentage

July 11

  • Robot & Frank

July 12

  • Corvette Nation
  • Ice and Fire of Youth

July 14

  • Lockup: State Prisons

July 15

  • Invizimals

July 22

  • Rock this Boat: New Kids on the Block
  • Sing It On

July 31

  • Blackstone
  • Land Girls

There’s still a swathe of good content out there of course, so check out our guide on the best films and TV shows on Netflix Australia before you rush to your panic station.

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