Featured Image for Introducing Vegemite popcorn, the new movie snack you didn’t know you needed

Introducing Vegemite popcorn, the new movie snack you didn’t know you needed

Vegemite has partnered with two of the country’s biggest movie cinema chains to bring a potentially controversial, yet incredibly enticing premium snack. Vegemite popcorn.

This is one of those things that sounds a bit off at first but gets better the more you think about it.

Cinema chains, Village Entertainment and Event Cinemas, have joined forces with Bega group to introduce for a limited time a new Vegemite flavour for Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn.

In a press release, the general manager of sales and marketing at Village Entertainment, Mo Bhargava, said:

“Popcorn remains the number one movie going snack for our customers, and we, alongside our partners at Event Cinemas, are delighted to be able to offer such innovation within our Gourmet Popcorn flavour range in partnership with Vegemite.”

The snack is available right now at Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas.

Matt Gray, the marketing manager at Vegemite added, “Vegemite loves popping up in new and exciting places, and we can’t wait to spread the love with a popcorn that truly tastes like Australia.

“The combination tastes delicious and we’re excited for our fans to try it.”

The Vegemite premium popcorn will be available in a variety of flavours, including raspberry & white chocolate, salted caramel and rocky road.

The unusual snack adds up to the long list of unorthodox vegemite pairings that have recently hit shelves with various degrees of success.

Most of them quite divisive, we’ve seen so far Vegemite icy poles, Vegemite Four N Twenty pies, Vegemite smoothies, and even Vegemite-flavoured dairy milk chocolate.

At this rate, I am honestly scared what will come next.

Yet, I’m also deeply intrigued.

The official description of this novel popcorn reads:

“Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn is made locally in Melbourne.

“Gourmet popcorn has become our passion and we’ve grown with it to develop a product you will love.

“We’re committed to making the absolute best quality product by sourcing the finest ingredients and crafting each batch to perfection.”

“This LIMITED EDITION flavour features Australia’s favourite spread VEGEMITE, paired with delicious cheddar cheese. It’s popcorn that tastes like Australia!”

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