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Sydney launches new transport depot with industrial-scale Tesla batteries

Sydney council has partnered with TransGrid to install the city’s first industrial-scale battery in a bid to lower energy bills, secure energy supply and lower the city’s impact on the environment.

This week, Lord Mayor Clover Moore and TransGrid CEO Paul Italiano opened the Alexandra Canal transport depot, the first installation in the city to combine large-scale batteries with solar power.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, the installation will be powered by around 1600 solar panels supported by a battery able to store 500-kilowatt hours of energy.

That roughly equals the same storage capacity of 50,000 mobile phone batteries, which is enough energy to power 50 homes for 24 hours straight.

This clean power combo will allow the Alexandra Canal transport depot to cut power costs by reducing its grid consumption during peak times. Given it will save around 600 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions per year, the facility is able to be classified as carbon neutral.

“We’re working towards a target of 50 per cent of all electricity in the City of Sydney area to come from renewables by 2030,” Moore said at the opening on Wednesday.

“To help us achieve that target we’re covering the roofs of our properties with as many solar panels as possible. By mid-2021, we expect to have more than 7800 solar panels on the roofs of our properties.

“As the mix of storage and generation on our electricity grid changes, solar solutions like this could provide reliability and resilience to our electricity network and potentially prevent blackouts.”

Greater sustainability and action on climate change is on the agenda for Sydney, with plans to use renewable energy to power at least half of the city. This will involve te installation of 1.5-megawatt hours of battery storage capacity across the city.

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Via Sydney Morning Herald

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