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These sports bras, tees and undershirts come with built-in ECG and heart rate monitors

Staying heart-healthy involves the ongoing monitoring your health, so what if we told you a line of clothing can keep tabs on your heart without forcing you to wear anything on your wrist?

Yeah, it’s finally here.

Emglare, a European-turned-California-based startup has developed a line of fitness apparel that allows the wearer to keep track of their health in real-time through built-in ECG and heart rate sensors.

To monitor your heart’s health, users connect clothing — either undershirts, sports bras, tees, or bras — to the Emglare app on a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Tiny sensors in the clothing pick up your heart patterns and log them in your history.

Users then have the option of sharing their ECG and heart rate stats with friends, family members and even physicians.

Each Emglare garment can measure heart stats for up to 18 hours on a single charge, and the battery usually charges within two hours.

Obviously, health problems cannot be diagnosed through the app. Emglare will not notify the user of an impending heart attacks or note that the ECG curve shows a health problem, but the startup hopes to add health features like this in the future.

The garments also have environmental requirements and are heat and cold-sensitive. They’ll work with the app up to 40C and down to 5C, but do not throw these clothes in a hot washing machine — the maximum temperature Emglare wants you putting their garments in is 30C.

The idea behind this innovative fashion line comes from the personal experiences of Emglare CEO Jiri Pastor. In a recent blog post for the company, Pastor wrote about his family’s history of heart problems:

“My father suddenly died and one of the causes was heart failure.

“My girlfriend has occasional heart problems too and I have a diagnosed heart murmur.

“After a closer examination, I found out that heart diseases are quite common and many people live with it without realizing it. Once they are diagnosed, it can be too late.

“One of my acquaintances is a cardiac surgeon, and he brought me to the idea that it would be good to keep track of the heart condition continuously.

“It was important to develop a tool that can diagnose the course of ECG curve and heartbeat in different situations and physical exertions.

“A heart attack is a condition that does not usually occur immediately but the predisposition to cardiac problems can be revealed by a long-term ECG follow-up.

“As a person who develops mobile and web applications, I tried to find an actual solution on the market and found out that the solution does exist but it is not perfect.

“Usually, only ECG status can be analyzed retrospectively and without a professional medical consultation, it is very difficult.

“That is why I started thinking about solving this problem.”

Emglare apparrel is available for pre-order on the company’s Kickstarter page. Otherwise, keep up to date with Emglare on their Facebook page.

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