Featured Image for This portable dishwasher can sanitise baby bottles and… cook lobster?

This portable dishwasher can sanitise baby bottles and… cook lobster?

A new portable dishwasher developed by Heatworks and design firm Frog is designed to save water, time and space – and you can even cook lobster in it.

“Every day, billions of people around the world heat water using electricity; each one wasting energy, water and time,” the manufacturers claim on their official website.

Dubbed the Tetra, the dishwasher only requires an electrical outlet. That’s right, it is not a plumbing installation.

Heatworks claims the water heated in their device is purer than the water from any dishwasher in the market today, thanks to their patented Ohmic Array Technology.

The Tetra uses the electrodes found in water to heat and purify it, rather than the traditional heating method. This process is allegedly more efficient, plus you can control the temperature settings with a smartphone app.

Perks like these makes the Tetra ideal not only for sanitising things like baby bottles or cutlery, but also for boiling food. Yep, as you can see in the video below, the company claims you can cook a really mean lobster in this.

This small but powerful machine requires less than two litres of water per load, while a traditional dishwasher uses more than 20. The manufacturers also claim it uses 10 times less water than hand-washing your dishes.

The Tetra can fit up to 10 plates or 10 pint glasses. According to research by Heatworks, the average household is made up of 2.8 people, and most of the dishwasher out here in the market are capable of holding place settings for 13 or more.

This inspired the company to create a smaller but more efficient appliance that can answer the need of the average household of today.

With Tetra, you can wash your dishes immediately after each meal, unlike traditional dishwashers were you have to wait until you have a full load to run a cycle.

This all-in-one will be available in late 2018 for less than $300 US. If you’re interested it’s available right now for pre-order.

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