Featured Image for Meanwhile in Nigeria, a guy just buried his father in a brand new BMW

Meanwhile in Nigeria, a guy just buried his father in a brand new BMW

A Nigerian man has put us all to shame in the “keeping promises” department of life.

Azubuike swore to his father that one day, he’d buy him a nice car. Sadly, the dad passed away from old age before his son could fulfil his promise.

However, Azubuike takes promises very seriously – even in death.

Which is why, last week, when the friends and family looked on to watch Azubuike’s father be lowered into the ground, they had the shock of a lifetime.

For it wasn’t a traditional coffin over which they were mourning – oh no, it was the BMW car-of-dreams the father had been promised in life.

a bmw being lowered into the ground

The car is worth a stellar A$116,000, so we’re kinda hoping someone up there will compliment Azubuike’s father when he rolls up in his new wheels – just to make the purchase kinda-but-still-not-really worth it.

Obviously, the people of the internet had a lot to say on the subject.

Because, y’know, most of us humble beings can’t afford this car in life, let alone death.

The photo has gone viral on Twitter for obvious reasons, whilst on Facebook, Azubuike has faced a lot of criticism for his “thoughtless” spending, in part due to Nigeria’s notoriously high poverty rate.

Who knows, if this catches on, we might all be zooming off to the afterlife in flying cars when it’s our time to go.

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