Watch this guy casually remove an absurdly large hornet nest like it’s nothing

Do you ever experience those moments in life when you think, ‘Thank God someone loves doing this for a living, because I sure as hell ain’t putting my hand up’?

I’m thinking along the lines of paramedics, funeral directors, morticians and the like.

Well, get ready to add a new one to the list: pest controllers. Specifically, people who suit up and remove terrifyingly gigantic hornet nests from people’s homes without blinking an eye. You guys are heroes.

A Louisana exterminator by the name of Jude Verret is one such hero, and he likes to film the more insane scenarios he comes across.

This particular video shows him removing a hornet nest from a shed, and sweet Jesus it’s ENORMOUS. Don’t know much about hornets? Imagine an angry wasp that’s spent all day jacking up on steroids and cocaine. Yeah.

Watch the video in the player above

Somehow, Verret wasn’t stung once – I know he’s got a suit, but he’s basically carpeted in hornets at one point. Hats off to ya, Jude.

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