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Computex 2018 recap: The non-Apple event that is just as relevant

Computex, held from May 28 to June 1, is an annual computer and technology event where manufacturers show off their latest products and prototypes.

Computex somewhat fell under Apple’s shadow this year, as Apple held their WWDC event just three days after it. However, Computex is arguably just as important, as the event gives a glimpse into the future of computers.

We have pulled together our top highlights from this year’s event.

Asus ROG phone – a Switch competitor?

Picture of the back of an Asus phone on a black background

Gaming on smartphones has become commonplace thanks to such titles as Pokemon GO and Fortnite. Now it seems gaming peripheral manufacturers are keen to jump on the bandwagon.

First Razer, known for its keyboard and mouses, made a smartphone – now Asus is following suit with the ROG (‘Republic of Gamers’) phone. The ROG sports truly flagship specs: Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM and a 90Hz refresh rate screen for lag-free gaming.

Asus is hoping to stand out with its unique range of gaming accessories for the phone, including an attachable gamepad with analogue sticks and extra buttons, a clamshell case that adds a second screen and a dock to turn the phone into a portable computer.

Of course, smartphones are used for much than gaming so it will be interesting to see if Asus has paid as much attention to other aspects of the phone.

Project Precog – two screens, no keyboard

Picture of an Asus laptop with two screens, no keyboard or trackpad

Dubbed a “convertible, dual-screen laptop“, the Asus Project precog challenges traditional laptop design.

The Precog features two screens with no physical keyboard or trackpad. Instead, Asus is investing in “intelligent touch”, a piece of AI that adapts the position of the onscreen keyboard depending on your movements. For example, you can lower your fingers towards the laptop and it will position the keyboard directly underneath them.

It is an intriguing concept and a device that could be a winner amongst multi-taskers.

Intel Tiger Rapids – half laptop, half book

Picture of an Intel laptop with two screens, a hand gripping a pen is writing on the lower screen

Source: Engadget

Asus isn’t the only company showing a prototype dual-screen laptop. Intel also demonstrated a similar device with a twist – one screen is a standard LCD while the other is an E-Ink display (similar to the screen on a Kindle Paperwhite).

It is designed to be a laptop/iPad hybrid and is very portable, with the screens measuring just 7.9 inches. The E-Ink display will be great for reading for long stretches as it is far less fatiguing on the eyes when compared to LCD screens.

There is no word yet on pricing or availability.

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