Featured Image for Real-life Mario Kart is coming to Australia and all of our dreams have come true

Real-life Mario Kart is coming to Australia and all of our dreams have come true

Put a hold on all plans — cancel that wedding and tell the boss you’re out sick for the day. Mushroom Racing is coming to Melbourne and Sydney.

This go karting event is what all of us Nintendo-obsessed gamers have been waiting for since we first played Super Mario Kart on the SNES.

While this go-karting event isn’t affiliated with Nintendo, it has everything to make your Mario Go Kart dreams come true: 200cc go-karts, a custom go-kart track outside of the CBD in a secret location, mushroom-style appetizers, a $1,000 prize to be won, and my favourite, costume hire for every rider.

Costumes are included in the price for go-karting, those that get creative and attend the event in their own costumes could win a prize for Best Dressed.

As you can imagine, with everyone’s obsession over mushroom racing (yes, everyone is obsessed with it), tickets are very limited and are selling like hot cakes.

Tickets are being sold on Eventbrite for $100 for September – November race dates.

And if you’re not quite sure of racing yourself, get a friend signed up. This event allows spectators just as long as you check-in in advance with the Mushroom Racing team.

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