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This incredible reverse-dragon actually puts out fires

If we’ve learnt anything from Game of Thrones, it’s that dragons (and their ability to breathe fire) are the number one weapon in any battle. However, it seems this team of Japanese researchers isn’t quite up to date with the goings-on in Westeros.

Rather than using the mythical beasts to create and spread flames, this ingenious team of researchers has discovered a way of using dragons to battle fire.

Well, sort of.

A crew from Tohoku University and the National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College, presented this innovative way of taking on blazing infernos at last month’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation, in Brisbane.

Called the “DragonFireFighter”, it is loaded with water nozzles that serve to both steady the “dragon” and, since a bunch of the nozzles are facing downward, the water pressure also enables it to “fly”.

But more than simply push the DragonFireFighter upward and forward, the water serving as propulsion also battles blazes, spraying heavy loads of water onto the flames.

Meanwhile, the “head” of the beast has a camera inbuilt, so the team operating can see where they need to go to best fight the fire.

The camera reportedly also has a heat-detecting technology, meaning it can find the source of the flames even when it’s too smokey to see.

The idea is for this method to become a new way of taking on fires in warehouses and high-rise buildings.

Essentially, instead of having to send a crew of people in – which is obviously very hazardous – this slim device can be fed through a window, allowing the crew to take on the flames without putting themselves in any major danger.

At the moment the DragonFireFighter is only three metres in length, however, the team behind it have spoken of their desire to stretch it out on a full 20-metre rig, giving it significantly greater scope to take on fires.

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    Davor Eberl

    Sunday 17 June 2018

    Readers of the article should be made aware that the principle cannot be considered new. 4 years ago, I have patented an even more advanced device exploiting this same principle. Title in WIPO international patent database is “WATER-JET HOSE MANIPULATION DEVICE”.