Featured Image for Google Pixel 3 leaked: The notch is coming

Google Pixel 3 leaked: The notch is coming

Key details about the Google Pixel has leaked ahead of the smartphone’s expected launch in October.

Here is everything we know so far.

The notch

The leak started with a photo of a working prototype which shows an Apple-like ‘notch’ at the top of the phone.

Picture of the front of a Google Pixel smartphone.

Leaked image of Google Pixel 3 XL shows notch at the top of the device. (Source: XDA Developers)

The notch was a highly controversial design move by Apple who pioneered the feature on the iPhone X. Love it or hate it, it seems like the notch is here to stay with LG, OnePlus, Huawei, Asus and now Google all following suit.

One camera

Google has stuck with its decision to only have one rear camera despite most other manufacturers incorporating two. However, this choice paid off with the Pixel 2 which received some of the highest scores and reviews for a smartphone camera.

Google has backed its AI camera technology which it believes will provide greater clarity and background blur (or ‘bokeh’) than smartphones with two cameras.

Wireless charging?

The photos also show that the back of the Pixel 3 will be made from glass. This means it could support wireless charging like the iPhone 8/8+/X and Galaxy S9 series.

Other specs

A fingerprint reader can be seen in the usual top-third position for optimal reachability. Spec-wise, a sticker has revealed that one of the Pixel models will have 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 processor – pretty standard for a 2018 flagship device. No 3.5mm headphone jack can be seen, but Google will likely provide a USB C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.

Three 3’s?

The Pixel line has historically included a ‘standard’ and ‘XL’ model, but this year could be different. There are rumours that a mid-range, more affordable model could be debuted. This Pixel is predicted to make use of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 710 chipset, a cheaper and lower-powered chip.

Finally, as always with rumours, take them with a grain of salt until confirmed.

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