Featured Image for E3 2018: Fallout 76, Wolfenstein and all the biggest announcements from Bethesda

E3 2018: Fallout 76, Wolfenstein and all the biggest announcements from Bethesda

Bethesda has seen spectacular success in recent years, displacing older companies like Square Enix and Konami in the pantheon of gaming heavyweights.

In a period of just six years, the company has become the dark horse of the industry, releasing a string of surprise hits. Fallout, Oblivion, Rage, Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein and Doom have all been critical and commercial successes that put the company in the spotlight.

On Sunday, Bethesda properly unveiled their new Fallout instalment, called Fallout 76. It will be an online multiplayer game set in West Virginia described by the company as “softcore survival”.

Death will never mean loss or progression, characters won’t be tied one server, and you’ll share the map with dozens of other players, not hundreds. The official release date is November.

It looks like the long rumoured sci-fi RPG Starfield is a reality, with the company sharing a brief minute-long trailer and describing the project as a next-generation first-person game set in an entirely new world.

They also announced Rage 2, the sequel to their lauded post-apocalyptic first-person shooter from 2011, and a new Wolfenstein set in the 80s called Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The game will be launched in 2019 and will feature solo and co-op modes – now that sounds amazing.

Bethesda didn’t pull any punches in their conference, also announcing new downloadable content for Prey, the very innovative horror first-person shooter they released last year.

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