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Airline passenger savaged over ridiculous complaint

In the age of social media, “ask and you shall receive” has apparently been replaced with “expect it to be brought to you without question, then whinge when your unspoken request goes unfulfilled”.

Oh, and then get absolutely roasted for your ridiculous complaints.

At least, that was the process for Stefan Lim, a premium economy passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight, who was not brought champagne.


After landing, Stefan took to Facebook to grill the airline over their lack of service.

Facebook post

Facebook post

Facebook post

“What is the standard process of drinks service for a premium economy class passenger?” he wrote.

“On our recent flight … we did not (get offered) any champagne by your service crew. Not once throughout the entire flight and this does not reflect as what you have displayed in your premium economy microsite.”

In their response, Singapore Airlines understandably asked if the passenger “managed to approach our crew to make the request?”.

Stefan was not best pleased with this response.

“What do you mean?

“I need to ask for champagne? Isn’t the champagne offering a standard service…

“If a passenger needs to ask for something especially, despite you touting it as a service, please state clearly on your website.”

Attempting to shut the situation down as quickly as possible, Singapore airlines responded by clarifying that champagne is available, all you need to do is ask for it and thanked Stefan for his “kind understanding in the matter”.

But Stefan was like a dog with a bone, asking, “Where did you mention that I have to raise this request in your campaign?”

He went on to say he was “utterly disappointed”.

Understandably, it didn’t take long for fellow visitors to the airline’s social site to take Stefan to task over his complaints.

One responder took the line of “you did not wait to be offered the lavatory when you need to use it”, while another asked, “Why not have the crew to feed you champagne on a tube”.

The posts have since been removed from Facebook by Singapore Airlines, although people are still flocking to the page looking for the exchange.

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