Featured Image for Forget the Gold Coast’s theme parks, this is Queensland’s latest ‘really exciting’ development

Forget the Gold Coast’s theme parks, this is Queensland’s latest ‘really exciting’ development

Huge news, you guys. Maryborough in Queensland has unveiled a development for the town that will change the lives of its citizens.

It will also possibly see the joint over-run by tourists, eager to take in the sights of this Earth-shattering update.

Ready? Here we go.

Maryborough got a roundabout!

Let’s all just take a moment to soak up how momentous this is, and possibly have a glass of water and even a lie-down.

It’s a lot of excitement to deal with.

Look, this isn’t just some jaded, big-city wanker talking down on a town that has got its first roundabout – if the joint didn’t need a roundabout until now, there’s no need to get stuck into them about getting their first one.

But when a local councillor calls it “really exciting”, well, you’re opening yourself up a bit, aren’t you?

Look … we’re not sure … but 171 years after Maryborough was founded … we think The Heritage City might be one of the last cities in Australia to introduce a roundabout to its street plan! With safety at the core of this change, Cr Daniel Sanderson unveiled the new addition this morning!

Posted by Fraser Coast Regional Council on Tuesday, 29 May 2018

“It’s 113 years since we have ever had a roundabout so I think it’s really exciting that we have one here in our city,” said Councillor Daniel Sanderson, at the unveiling of the traffic distributor.

“I think roundabouts are a great way to keep things moving and quickly, and definitely a safety initiative that we’ve implemented here.

“We will keep an eye on this area and I think, as a council, we can introduce more in the city as we progress into the future years.”

In a follow-up post on Facebook, Fraser Coast Regional Council sought to clarify that they weren’t calling the roundabout the first ever, because apparently one was already in place in Tinana and it being overlooked was getting the locals all whipped up.

“We’re referring to the inner city street plan of Maryborough, which of course is part of the area first founded way back in 1847,” the post read.

“We’re not trying to overshadow our original roundabout in Tinana. It’s long been one of our favourite parts of the city! But everyone likes to show off their new baby when it arrives… right?”

The roundabout is “one of [their] favourite parts of the city”, and the recently installed one is comparable to a “new baby”.

Maryborough, never stop giving.

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