Featured Image for The ‘fab five’ are back in this tearful trailer for Queer Eye Season 2

The ‘fab five’ are back in this tearful trailer for Queer Eye Season 2

In February this year, Netflix released the reboot of Queer Eye – and our lives changed forever.

Until the release of Season 1, nobody realised that what their lives were missing was five queer men taking the emotional and physical underdogs of the world and transforming them into confident, sensational human beings.

Accompanied by a lot of sass and a lot of tears.

As it turns out, Queer Eye is the breath of relatable, emotional fresh air we all needed – so. naturally, it’s back for Season 2.

Netflix has just released the upcoming trailer, which is essentially a compilation of tears and cheeky jokes.

No, you’re crying.

The “fab five” only recently returned from a little Aussie road trip, where they journeyed to the town of Yass, NSW, to film a stand-alone special which will be released on June 22. Yes, they were crowned official Yass Queens.

Judging from the trailer we just watched, it looks like Season 2 is going to be every bit as successful as the phenomenal first season.

The second season will be released on June 15th.

Is it a good enough reason to book the day off work?

We think so, Queens.

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