Featured Image for GoPro team up with Hot Wheels for their best (and cheapest) mount yet

GoPro team up with Hot Wheels for their best (and cheapest) mount yet

When playing with your Hot Wheels – everyone still plays with toy cars, right? – you can often drift off, wondering how awesome it would be to actually drive your four-wheeled beast around a killer loop-the-loop and then off a sweet jump.

Well, now you can have the next-best thing.

Hot Wheels have teamed up with GoPro to create ‘Zoom In’, “a limited edition Hot Wheels car designed specifically for the GoPro HERO/HERO5 Session and made for the everyday daredevil and creator in all of us”.

“What started as one creative idea — duct taping the ice-cube sized GoPro HERO Session to a Hot Wheels car ripping around a track — has turned into a full-on movement backed by the creative minds at Mattel,” GoPro said in a press release.

“The imagination and stoke levels of your 7-year-old (or your inner 7-year-old; no age restrictions here!) have never been so high.”

Obviously, being a camera mount, the car itself is pretty boring to the eye – just four wheels (made to fit your iconic orange Hot Wheels tracks) and a place to put your GoPro.

But then, the point isn’t to watch the car burning up the track, but to watch from within the car after it’s burned up the track.

And at a cost of $1, it’s being heralded as the cheapest GoPro mount on the market.

Hot Wheels have teamed up with GoPro to create 'Zoom In'

Hot Wheels have teamed up with GoPro to create 'Zoom In'

That said, there is a small issue with the Zoom In.

As per CNet, “The two GoPro Session cameras that fit in the car are discontinued models.”

So a brand-new mount that’s only compatible with a pair of discontinued lines? Ah, sure, that seems like a logical idea.

That said, one of the advantages of living in Australia is that we’re a little way behind the American market, so discontinued models are still on our shelves – a quick Google showed new HERO5 Session cameras available at Harvey Norman and Catch.com.au.

As for the Zoom In, it’s expected to hit our shelves later this month.

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