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It’s not just footy that divides us: The war of words between NSW and Queensland

With Queenslanders gearing up to absolutely flog New South Wales in State of Origin for the millionth time, we thought we’d take a look at some ways people who live south of the Tweed can claim to have one over on their northern cousins.

Namely, we headed over to the Linguistics Roadshow – a great website with different maps detailing the words we use around Australia to describe certain things – and came up with a list of the various ways our great states differ on monikers and slang.

The line of thinking is that, if you’re from NSW, maybe reading that Queenslanders use words you find funny will make you feel better. Because, seriously, State of Origin 2018 is going to be another case of the Maroons battering the Blues – it’s science.

Anyway, here we go…

Off to the beach?

Well, what are you going to wear? If you’re from NSW it’ll likely be ‘swimmers’, whereas Queenslanders like to don a pair of ‘togs’.

For the record, the most popular term is actually ‘bathers’, with 47.8 per cent of the national vote.

Buying lunch at school?

In NSW you’re probably bound for the ‘canteen’, while Queensland kids are hitting up the ‘tuck shop’.

The former is most popular around the country, with 58.4 per cent getting grub at the canteen.

What’s on the barbie?

If you’re in NSW, Bunnings are serving you up a ‘sausage sandwich’, but in Queensland they’re getting a delicious ‘sausage in bread’.

That response has this particular New South Welshman’s mind blown, but apparently more than half the country – 51.9 per cent – use the Queensland lingo.

Feeling thirsty?

This one didn’t actually get a run on the Linguistics Roadshow because it surveys schoolkids, but one of the great differences between our states is what we’re ordering at the bar.

If you’re just having a small beer, in NSW you’ll order a ‘middy’, whereas in Queensland you’ll be after a ‘pot’.

But most folk in NSW will be after something larger and stronger than a pot of XXXX Gold.

Checking your bank account?

This one came from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, who report NSW households earn a median income of $1,486 per week compared with Queensland’s median income of $1,402 per week.

But before you Blues millionaires rejoice too hard, it’s also worth noting Queensland’s median monthly mortgage repayment is $253 cheaper than NSW. On top of that, the median weekly rent is $50 cheaper north of the border.

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