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Netflix just casually revealed a simple hack that literally no one knew existed

Apparently, Netflix thought we all knew about a subtle but crucial feature of their streaming service.

Spoiler: nobody did.

The public was alerted to this groundbreaking hack when a Twitter user @’d Netflix, asking why One of the Greats – a stand-up special by Brooklyn Nine Nine actress Chelsea Peretti – wasn’t available on Netflix Philippines.

Netflix then casually responded by dropping this absolute bombshell:

Peretti herself caught sight of the tweet and quickly pointed out the obvious.

As it turns out, this is actually a real thing and wasn’t just a prank by Netflix.

If you go to this Netflix request page, you have the option to request three titles you want to be made available on your country’s Netflix.

A netflix page with an option box in which users can write their requests

The company assures they go through all requests, however, reminds users of the reasons their favourite show may not be available on the streaming service:

  • The content rights are currently exclusive to another company. Example: Game of Thrones is an HBO Original Series.
  • The streaming rights are not available to purchase from the content provider.
  • Other factors, including popularity, cost, or seasonal or localized availability.

Okay guys, time for us all to bombard them with requests for Friends on Netflix Australia – the UK and US have it, so why are us Aussies missing out?

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    Kaelee Dean

    Sunday 15 July 2018

    Because Friends is on Stan.