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The awkward joke that stunned ‘The Project’ panel into silence

A risque joke made by Peter Helliar on an episode of The Project last week was perhaps slightly over the line for the program.

The joke came after a news bulletin that mentioned the prospect of a human subspecies being bred on Mars due to the low gravity. What followed left Helliar’s co-hosts in visible shock, and the comedian was briefly left to flounder by himself on camera.

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Although Twitter’s response was mixed, it was certainly entertaining to watch Helliar be left alone with his joke for a moment. He eventually soldiered on with the show’s content, just as any professional host would do.

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    Tuesday 5 June 2018

    They were silent because it was a bad joke, not because it was ‘risque’ or ‘over-the-line’.
    Little kids make Uranus jokes, it’s less funny from a grown man. This isn’t a controversy, this isn’t an issue, this isn’t newsworthy.