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Got a pet name for your car? This study says you’re not the only one

If you own a car and have a cutesy pet name for said car, you’re not alone.

A survey commissioned by UK car rental company Vantage Leasing has found that one in eight car-owning male Poms have pet names for their vehicles. But it doesn’t stop there.

According to a study of the results, male drivers had called their cars everything from “the Purple People-Eater” and “Sexy Bob the Fourth” to “Super-Charged Fire Pony”.

My favourites from the list are, of course, “Scarlett O’Cara” and “The Bongo Dog Doodah Van”.

Any of these sound familiar?

Out of the men who chose to give their car a name, two in five chose a female moniker, while seventeen percent of the men questioned were a bit more crafty and named their vehicle a “nonsense word” that wasn’t considered male or female.

“There has always been an unspoken bond between boys and their toys, and a man’s car is often considered a reflection of their own personality,” James Buttrick of Vantage Leasing says.

“It’s unsurprising to see the strength of this fondness for our vehicles coming through in the results – though we’re not sure we’d like to take a ride in something called ‘The Purple People-Eater’”.

The study didn’t stop there. Researchers wanted to find out just how much those British men love their cars.

According to the survey’s results, one in five men in a relationship confessed to enjoying time in his car more than with his partner.

One in seven used washing the car or taking a drive as an excuse not to spend time with the family, and twelve percent of these drivers thought their partners were jealous of the attention they gave their cars.

One of the most surprising pieces of information to emerge from the poll must be how many men imagine their cars in human form — 13 per cent in total.

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