Featured Image for A very funny chat with the very funny boys behind ‘Maccas Sunsets’

A very funny chat with the very funny boys behind ‘Maccas Sunsets’

Behind The Page is a new Techly series where we have a chat with the masterminds behind our favourite Facebook pages.

This week: Maccas Sunsets

You don’t have to look far on Instagram to find stunning photography – whether it’s a National Geographic photographer capturing endangered walruses in the Galapagos or a suggestively held turmeric smoothie by a wellness blogger-slash-entrepreneur-slash-personal trainer-slash-model.

But while these are great and all, nobody has dedicated their craft to capturing two of nature’s most breathtaking phenomenona: sunsets and suburban Maccas franchises.

Queue: Pat and Ed.

These Instagram admins visionaries are unrelenting in their pursuit to find the perfect Maccas sunset – that is, as you have probably gleaned, a majestic golden arch set upon the backdrop of a setting sun.

The result is an account that sits somewhere in between taking the piss and genuinely impressive (aka the Australian social media sweet spot).

From humble beginnings in Sydney’s inner west, Maccas Sunsets has gone global – with submissions from Ibiza to Chicago to Bali.

We had a chat with the two very funny admins about their process, Insta-beefs and Darryl Braithwaite.

5.31pm Drummoyne Maccas // @wheresed6 @mcdonalds #maccassunsets #sunsets #maccas #sydney

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Where did the idea for the page come from? How did it blow up?

“We used to live directly across the road from a Maccas for a few years and I think the smell of deep fried chips and meat slowly corrupted our brains and potentially altered our genetic makeup.

“Fortunately, that Maccas also used to cop some serious sunsets and on one of those occasions we took some photos when walking home and started the account.

“Honestly couldn’t tell you why it blew up, guess we just weren’t prepared for how much people needed Maccas sunsets in their lives.”

What is it about Maccas sunsets that people love?

“Well individually they are both well loved. Everyone loves a sunset and everyone loves a Maccas run, so when combined it’s like fish and chips at the beach, cricket and summer, tins and a durry.

“Daryl Braithwaite and road trips.

“Pingas and gash.”

All I want for Christmas is 24 hour sunsets. ? @wiktor.kun #maccassunsets

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Talk us through the team behind Maccas Sunsets – how many of you are there? What are you doing with yourselves when you’re not running highly successful, niche Instagram accounts?

“There are two of us who run the page. The business and sunset Instagram niche is a fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world with numerous copycat accounts and a persistent and demanding audience (god bless them).

“Pat works at an architecture magazine and cries himself to sleep.

“Ed just cries himself to sleep.”

Are you guys more into photography or more into Maccas?

“It might be a stretch to say we’re into photography. We mostly just love pretty pictures.

A”nyone who says they don’t love Maccas is either a liar or vegan – not that we have anything against liars, sorry if we offended any.”

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What are the key elements of a perfect Maccas sunset?

“Maccas + sunset.”

Editors note: We deserved that one.

What’s the best Maccas meal to eat while taking in a glorious sunset?

“Happy meal.”

Sun goes up, sun goes down. Maccas Sunsets quenching your Thursday thirst #thirsty #maccassunsets

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Do you go chasing Maccas around the country or are most of your posts crowdsourced?

“We had a few posts that were taken by us and a few of our friends have helped out along the way.

“But most of them are sent in by the Maccas Sunset community.

“We are strongly considering starting a GoFundMe so we can travel the world to capture the most exotic Maccas sunsets.

“So if anyone has any money or like… spare change they can give us – anything would help.”

Which is your favourite post?

“Sometimes the photos we think are the most aesthetically pleasing don’t do as well as others. It’s about finding the right mix of photo and context.

“With that in mind, there are to that spring to mind: a post we did during the eclipse with a Maccas sign covering the sun, and a recent post where we quoted the lyrics from Yellow by Coldplay – a true stroke of genius.”

Look at the sign, look how it shines for you and everything you do. Yeah, they were all yellow. ? @markluethiphoto #sbm #maccassunsets

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“Special mention to our very first post, it reminds us not to let success go to our heads, we’re still Pat and Ed from the block.”

Have you got beef with the guys/girls over at Servo Sunsets?

“You didn’t hear it from us, but we have reason to believe that Servo Sunsets is run by ISIS or maybe even Russian hackers as a way to lull Australians into a false sense of security.”

Editors note: We absolutely did hear it from them.

“Rest assured we are doing all we can to save the Australian public from that threat. Gotta do your bit. If you’re reading this, unfollow them now and call the police.”

What are some of your favourite Aussie social media accounts?

“With the prevalence of meme-culture there are so many terrible Aussie meme accounts, but there are a few gems to be found:

Troy Buswell, Old Codgers Having A Schooner and Clive Palmer. The weirder or more niche the better. Shoutout to YP Threads too, good blokes.

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