Featured Image for This insane ‘Battlefield V’ trailer confirms the game will be set in WWII

This insane ‘Battlefield V’ trailer confirms the game will be set in WWII

DICE has revealed that their upcoming title Battlefield V will be set in World War II, promising the game will tell “real stories about men and women who changed history”.

Similar to its previous instalment, the highly successful Battlefield One from 2016, the new game will focus on single player campaigns comprising different stories from World War II.

Co-op mode will return, along with a new multiplayer mode called “Grand Operations”.

The developers were keen on assuring fans they wouldn’t repeat the same blunder from Star Wars Battlefront 2, stating there wouldn’t be any sort of “premium pass”, nor would players have to pay for any additional maps or modes. There’s nothing in the new Battlefield that you can buy to affect the gameplay.

EA also confirmed the release, telling Kotaku there won’t be any form of randomised loot boxes either.

“I can confirm that there are no loot boxes,” the company said via email.

To heal, you can’t just move into a healing area to be cured by a magical aura like previous Battlefield games. It’s a more realistic process in which medics actually have to go all the way to the wounded soldier.

Enemies won’t be identified with icons in your HUD, either: in the new Battlefield, there won’t be any aid to signal your enemy’s location. You’ll have look for the actual soldiers and aim at them.

Physics promise to play a bigger and more relevant role in the gameplay, as environmental destruction is not rendered based on pre-programmed animations but is now rendered on the basis of real-time physics calculations.

Character motion has been updated as well. Now you can throw yourself forward and to the sides, or even backwards. There will be no bullet-time slow motion, with developers going for a less abstract and more concrete gaming experience.

Speaking of realism, in Battlefield V you’ll have a finite amount of ammunition and resources. That means you’ll have the ever-present need to rush over and loot your enemy’s gear or risk being left in the middle of warfare with just your knife.

Battlefield V will be “a meta game where you’re mindful of your resources at all times,” according to DICE.

The game will be out on October 19 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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