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Will Prince Harry ever become King?

With Britain’s most eligible bachelor set to be married on May 19, a lot of people are wondering whether Prince Harry will become King.

Whilst the idea of a royal family is somewhat marginalised by many people, the traditions of the line to the throne have been updated in the 21st century.

Until 2011, the first male-born took precedence over their female siblings in the line to the throne – even if they were younger.

However, the laws changed, so whilst Prince George is third in line to the throne, the first-born of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – William and Kate – would always have taken over Prince Harry’s place in line to the throne, regardless of their gender.

The line to the throne descends via the eldest children. So as soon as William and Kate had children, the line to the throne incorporated Prince George (third), Princess Charlotte (fourth) and Prince Louis (fifth).

If the current King/Queen has no children, the line is then passed to the current reigning royal’s sibling.

So if Prince George is now third in line – where does that leave Prince Harry?

Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne, however, this will continue to go down if the the Duchess of Cambridge falls pregnant again.

The likelihood is, Prince Harry, like his older brother, will drop his Prince-ship on his wedding day, and instead the newlyweds will become Duke and Duchess of an area in Britain.

To add some trivia to your day, other weird royal traditions include how a man married into the royal family will remain a prince, even if his wife becomes the Queen.

However, when a woman marries into the royal family, she becomes Queen consort.

Which means when William becomes King, Kate Middleton will become Queen Catherine. This will make them the first King and Queen since 1937.

Who knew life for a royal could be so complicated?

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