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Who are Meghan Markle’s bridesmaids for the royal wedding?

Prince Harry confirmed last month he had asked his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, to stand by his side as best man at the royal wedding. But who will be supporting Meghan Markle on 19th May?

The news Prince Harry had asked his older brother to be best man may not come as a shock to many.

However, the royalists among you may know that in asking Prince William to play the key role, Prince Harry has actually broken a long-standing royal tradition.

Royal weddings do not typically have a wedding party. The key witnesses are traditionally known as the “supporters”, so a best man and a maid of honour are not usually a part of the wedding.

In fact, Kate Middleton was the first to marry into the royal family with a maid of honour at her side.

As if we could ever forget Pippa Middleton in that dress.

If Harry has followed his old rule-breaking ways to have his brother stand by him as his best man – it begs the question, who will be stood at Meghan’s side?

Meghan is certainly not short of A-list friends, with Serena Williams, Sarah Rafferty and Priyanka Chopra in her inner circle, not to mention Kate Middleton.

It seems, however, Meghan Markle will be keeping with the British tradition.

Kensington Palace confirmed last week that the bride-to-be wouldn’t have a maid of honour at her side and all attendants would be children.

Whilst we can only guess at which children will be preceding Meghan down the aisle, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are definitely safe bets.

Other children of note to the royal couple are the children of Prince Harry’s cousins; Isla Phillips (5), Savannah Phillips (7) and Mia Tindall (3).

From Meghan’s side, Ivy Mulroney (4) is the daughter of Meghan’s close friend Jessica Mulroney, who is rumoured to have hosted dinners with Meghan and Prince Harry in the early days of their relationship.

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