Watch this “zombie” fish come back from the dead and freak out diners

The apocalypse is here. Well, not quite.

At a restaurant in China, a cooked fish, seasoned with fresh onions and soy sauce no less, decided it wasn’t quite ready to be eaten when it started to twitch and thrash on the plate it was served on.

In a desperate attempt at freedom, it jumped off the plate and onto the table.

With cuts downs its side, the crazed, undead fish appeared to still be breathing.

The video shows diners backing away from the dinner gone rogue. And we’re meant to be top of the food chain.

Watch the video in the player above

I guess having your meal come back to life is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

But it turns out, it didn’t come back to life at all.

Apparently, fish have cells that can still respond to stimuli after the brain and the heart stops functioning, reports IFL Science.

In other words, the fish was dead – its body just didn’t know it yet. Thanks, science.

So it’s not a zombie fish after all. Disappointing. The good news is, there are many real-life cases of zombies in nature.

Just this year, scientists discovered four new types four new types of body-snatching fungi that prey on carpenter ants. The fungus infects the ants and then begins to use chemical signals to control the hapless host.

It makes the zombified ant leave its colony (a real faux pas for an ant) and latch on to the underside of a leaf with its jaw. It stays there until it eventually dies as the fungus spreads around its body.

"Zombie" ant infected by fungus.

The fungus then produces a stalk from the dead zombie ant’s head and shoots spores out, to lure other ants to join the party.

I always knew mushrooms were evil.

If you’re into it, there’s a whole bunch more of these parasites, including wasps and even barnacles, that zombify their hosts.

Turns out the zombie apocalypse has been going on for millions of years.

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