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These simple hacks for everyday products will change your life

Is there anything more annoying than wanting to really emphasise how much you love something, only for autocorrect to have you send a note reading ‘that’s so ducking good!’

Yes, yes, it hardly compares to the life-threatening everyday issues of yesteryear such as Spanish flu, the black plague or the possibility of bumping into Bill Cosby.

But hey, you can only play the opponent in front of you – and our opponents these days are issues such as Apple’s puritanical stance on swearing, wanting to Google things faster, and spending too much money on toothpaste.

(Wow, we’re so lame these days.)

Anyway, recently the question was asked on Reddit, “What common product has a feature you’re not sure everyone is aware of?”

There was some pretty whatever responses – the internet occasionally not being amazing is probably top of the list when it comes to modern-day annoyances – but amongst the dross are some life-changing revelations…

This is so ducking good

Honestly, this one had me close to tears, giving us the chance to finally end Apple’s Stalin-like chokehold – yes, Stalin, I said it – over our ability to swear in texts.

If you make a contact in your phone as

“Fuck Fucking Fucker”

You will never get the ducking/fucking autocorrect.

Holy. Shit.

For real… I mean, what's #ducking anyway?

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Bossing YouTube without your mouse

The scrollbar on YouTube can be a difficult beast to control, particularly on really long videos, when all you want to do is skip ahead by a few seconds.

So ignore your mouse and stick to the keyboard.

When watching YouTube videos the J, K, and L keys are rewind 10 seconds, pause/play, and fast forward 10 seconds respectively.

But if you’re using VLC media player (and honestly, you should be), J and K adjust the audio sync. Ever been watching a movie and the audio doesn’t quite line up with the actors’ mouths? For me, that’s infuriating. Use J or K to dial it in.

Ruminate, while I illuminate the situation

You finally realised the torch on your phone is good for approximately 47 centimetres – which is a problem when you’re absolutely convinced Jason Voorhees is after you anytime it’s dark, and his machete is 48 centimetres in length – so you went out and bought a Maglite.

Then the lightbulb blows and you’re left in the dark, with no way of knowing when a hockey mask-wearing psycho is going to turn up.

But then you remember…

Most maglite flash lights have an extra lightbulb hidden in the cap that you take off to change the batteries. It’s usually behind a spring in a little plastic case.

Now you’ll be able to see him coming. Sweet!

May your imagination and #Maglite flashlight take you across the galaxies this #MayThe4th Be with You / #SarWarsDay! Excellent Pic credit 📷: @mrdesigns001 . #SonyAlpha #skies #stars #sonya7rii #maglite #longexposure #astronomy #28mm #photography #photographer #night #nightshot #MRDesigns #creative #beam #theforceisstrong #starwarslike #batangas #travel 📷: @mrdesigns001

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Don’t Google hard, Google smart

Google has made life so much easier, but don’t you sometimes wish that Google itself was, like, just a little bit easier too?

Turns out, it is.

Might be obvious, but most times someone’s over my shoulder on my computer they seem surprised. In most browsers if you want to Google some text from a webpage you can highlight it and drag it up to the tabs area. No need to copy and paste or right click.

Not obvious and you’ve changed lives this day, friend.

The Colgate conspiracy

You were long warned against pissing your paypacket up against a wall, but it turns out you’ve been spitting it down a drain all along.

You only need a small amount of toothpaste. They use a lot more on the commercials so you end up buying it more often.

Up your Nintendo game

Um, so probably not heaps helpful, but your life is better for knowing this:

If you plug in a regular controller to the NES while playing Duck Hunt, it controls the ducks.

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Your car may not fly, but it’s totally magic

Sure, Uber are going to have us all flying to work within five years, but in the meantime, this is a sweet trick for the Aussie summer.

With many car key remotes, you can make all the windows go down at once by pushing the “unlock” button 3 times:

First time unlocks the driver’s door; 2nd time unlocks the passenger doors; 3rd time lowers all windows at the same time – a handy feature in warm weather.

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