Featured Image for Two conmen wearing tinfoil ‘spacesuits’ almost pulled off a $280,000 scam

Two conmen wearing tinfoil ‘spacesuits’ almost pulled off a $280,000 scam

A father and son are being accused of defrauding a businessman with a con that included liquid magnets and silver shiny “space suits” apparently made out of tinfoil.

The scam has so many peculiarities, people on social media are comparing it to a Bollywood extravaganza.

The suspects, Virender Mohan Brar and his son Nitin Mohan Brar – yep, it’s a father and son team – managed to persuade a businessman to spend 14.3 million rupees (some A$282,000) on a “rare piece of copper plate struck by a thunderbolt” which had the power of attracting rice.

The dynamic duo allegedly told their victim, a Delhi based investor named Narender, that if their very scientific tests were successful, they could sell the wondrous plate to NASA for $5 billion.

In a news conference, Indian police told the press that the conmen deceived the businessman by allegedly coating the copper plate with “liquid magnet” and having it attract boiled rice packed with tiny iron filings.

“They take a copper plate or utensil and coat it with a liquid magnet, and then fill some boiled rice with small iron filings and fool the victim by pulling the rice grain towards the magnet-coated copper article,” explained Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police’s crime branch.

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The imaginative duo was arrested after Narender reported the whole affair to the police. So far, the two suspects have not responded to the charges or made any public statements.

I do have a question, though. Did the Delhi police make them use the suits for the media for dramatic effect or did they catch them in the middle of their science act?

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Lead image: Delhi Police/AFP

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