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Stay calm, Rick and Morty just copped a 70-episode renewal

The entire multiverse is quivering with excitment as news breaks about the Rick and Morty revival.

The last we saw of the uber-popular cartoon series last year was Mr. Poopybutthole telling viewers: “see you in season 4 in, like, a really long time.”

Well, thanks to the good folks at Adult Swim we may not have to wait that long after all. The Cartoon Network subsidiary has reportedly signed with co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for another 70 episodes.

Yes. 70!

That’s more than double the total number of episodes currently in existence. The show’s fans have a reputation for letting their excitement get the better of them so let’s hope this doesn’t turn ugly.

Rick Sanchez, the world-weary alcoholic with godlike sciencey powers who is a character blend of Bad Santa and Doc Brown from Back to the Future, will be drawing his dim yet plucky grandson Morty off on a whole new set of adventures.

We’ve already seen the pair in more dimensions that we can count. They’ve taken on the Galactic Federation, destroyed the Citadel of Ricks, transformed into sandwich fillings and toyed with the very fabric of spacetime.

What can they possibly do next? That’s not for us mere mortals to know, but the creators are definitely excited.

“Rick and Morty is definitely the most freeing, most fun thing I’ve ever worked on,” Harmon told GQ.

“It’s had the biggest impact. I love everything I make — and hate it, I guess — but I have a very special relationship with Rick and Morty, and getting a 70-episode pickup means that I can actually really focus on it.”

Although don’t hold your breath. Like all great things, this will probably take time. The important point to remember is that it IS coming and we will be glued to our galactic TV set in anticipation.

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