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The secret to the perfect advertisement smile has been revealed

This could be the answer your modelling career needed.

Advertisers have been using the power of happiness as a marketing tactic for decades.

“If you do A, you will look as delightfully happy as B.”

But it turns out, there’s a lot more to that winning smile than we thought.

According to a study published in the Journal of Advertising Research, for a successful ad campaign, you need a genuine smile to boost sales.

A “genuine” smile is defined in the study as being when the corners of the mouth and cheek are raised and your eyelids crinkle or lower.

Your smile needs to reach your eyes in order for it to be classed as “genuine”.

If the advertisers can achieve this, they can even remove negative connotations associated with a celebrity endorser or the product itself.

Monash Business School’s Associate Professor Jasmina Ilicic, a co-author of the study said:

“It is not uncommon for a celebrity endorser to become entangled in controversy, like the infamous doping scandal surrounding Lance Armstrong in 2012 resulting in Nike terminating the endorsement deal.

“But what we’ve shown here is that the genuine smile can be a powerful tool for marketers in advertising campaigns because it could help them to overcome negative associations with the celebrity endorser and their brand in times of crisis or controversy.

“Perhaps these insights might set a new trend in the advertising world where cutting ties with a celebrity after controversy might not be necessary to restore image and favourability.”

It sort of makes sense, really. Nobody wants to buy trainers from somebody who looks in pain, or toothpaste from a person without a toothy-grin.

The power of a smile, hey.

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