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Guy breaks the ice on Tinder with an oddly sweet ‘choose your own adventure’ story

For those who complain about people being far too shallow on Tinder these days, this particular story shows how much of a difference a bit of effort makes.

Redditor BostelJ posted a screenshot of how he went about making a connection on Tinder, in a post he titled ‘I created an interactive story on Tinder, then she slapped me’.

Rather than going about things in a standard fashion, attempting to make small talk or cracking lame jokes, BostelJ set about creating an online date – although “an old lighthouse” is probably not the location that first springs to mind when someone suggests a first rendezvous.

From there, BostelJ continued to give his ‘date’ multiple options – generally A, B and C – and progressed the story so that the two of them eventually ‘meet up’ and he asked for her number or Snapchat details.

For her response, check out the full conversation below.

Screenshot of private messages on dating app Tinder.

Regarding the amount of effort he put into creating the scenario, BostelJ was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, saying, “I literally just made this up as I went. I was doing 3 other things at the same time lol. Had the idea of doing something more creative than the generic pick up line and was getting bored of Tinder in general.”

As for those who are praying for a Nicholas Sparks conclusion – with BostelJ and the unidentified woman professing their undying love for one another in the rain – unfortunately, this story has a more realistic ending.

“We just didn’t connect, I don’t think anything else really needs to be said,” BostelJ said in a later post.

“Bottom line, there’s more fish in the sea. Don’t read into it more than that.”

That said, the guy appears to have become something of an agony uncle on Reddit, with various people asking him for Tinder advice.

Check out his profile if you want to up your online dating options, although perhaps the best piece of advice to take from this particular adventure was “Ask the girl what her intentions are on Tinder (a lot of times you can tell from her bio) and make sure they align with your intentions. After that, get to the point fairly quickly and don’t waste their time. Doesn’t hurt to show some personality as well.”

Of course, on the other hand, “if your intentions are to create something for Reddit, lol, do whatever the f*** you want”.

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