Featured Image for #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob: The science edition

#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob: The science edition

For most of us, the stereotypical image of a scientist is pretty firmly embedded in our minds: white lab coat, safety goggles and looking at some form of exotically coloured liquid in a test tube.

That’s the essence of science, right?

Well, apparently not.

The hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob has been doing the rounds for a while, but these past few weeks we’ve seen the science side of bad stock photos.

And bad news for those of us who have pictured scientists as looking exactly like our ‘furry blue pal’ since Grover first introduced us to the concept of science.

Yeah, apparently that image of the scientist is widely derided by actual scientists – certainly by those scientists who brave social media.

As for astronomers, word is they do more than point at the sky?

Closely examining objects is for sure part of the gig.

While ‘data science’ sounds somewhat boring, apparently it’s the equivalent of starring in a Steven Spielberg film.

As for environmental scientists, their lives appear to be some kind of hellish cross between an episode of Breaking Bad and Fallout.

Knowing Einstein’s theories is pretty much the only thing you need to have down as a physicist.

However, the pic that has to take the cake for absolute perfection in summing up how all scientists definitely should work, goes to this Thinkstock image of the woman.

Check out those gloves and goggles, obviously to protect herself from the potentially deadly blue liquid in her hands… although she seems to have foregone the white lab coat in favour of black lingerie.

Because you should always practice safe science.

And while we’re not entirely sure that a gynaecologist is technically a scientist, this pic is too amazing to leave out.

Thumbs up indeed!

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