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How to see all the personal data Facebook has collected from you

Users all over the world are downloading their Facebook data and discovering the frightening amount of personal information Zuckerberg and co. has on their hands.

Amid the concerns and public outcry following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many are making use of the option to request and download all Facebook data.

And pretty much everybody who has done it is freaking out.

While you expect Facebook to have things like app usage and basic personal info, the reality is that the amount of stuff they know about you is absolutely horrifying.

People are discovering Facebook has access to all the contacts on their phones and a record of every text message ever sent or received.

It seems the extent of information Facebook collects is staggering even if you’ve tweaked your privacy settings and taken all prudent measures to protect your information.

New Zealand developer Dylan McKay created a script that breaks down all the data Facebook saves, and the results are mind-blowing.

He says Facebook has a registry of 700 incoming, outgoing, and missed calls of his, including the duration of every single one. Facebook also saved and classified 1,369 text messages, including failed and drafted ones.

McKay has made the code available on Github for anyone in a masochistic mood who would like to see a neat breakdown of their own Facebook data.

If you’re feeling curious and want to freak yourself out, request your Facebook data and prepare for the worst.

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