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How to transform your rented room into an interior designer’s dream

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The time has come. You’re ready to fly the nest.

Away from the home comforts of cooked meals and the magical laundry fairy, and into a rented room.

For most of us, moving into rented accommodation is a rite of passage in your twenties.

How are you meant to appreciate buying your own house if you haven’t lived somewhere with a sh*tty landlord and mysterious holes appearing in the ceiling?

You might even live with people you don’t know, which means your rented room is your haven.

For that reason, it’s basically imperative you get yourself onto eBay or head down to Ikea and make the room your own.

Because nothing says “home” like a nice scented candle.

Start stocking up on adhesive hooks

Most landlords aren’t keen on their tenants hammering nails into the walls, which is why these bad boys are every renter’s dream. They peel off the wall without leaving the dreaded Blu Tack mark, but are also extremely sturdy and can hold up bunting, fairy lights and strings of your fave Polaroids.

Time to get creative

Notice I mentioned Polaroids? Well, the beauty is I didn’t actually mean real Polaroids. We’re renters. We can’t be wasting money on a Polaroid camera. This make-your-own tutorial is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in front of the telly.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, head over to Pinterest and delve into the world of DIY-ing. You’ll have #BedroomGoals in no time.

Wall hangings are your new BFF

Wall hangings are all the rage right now, and they don’t have to scream “Daddy funded my gap-yarh”. It doesn’t take much time to discover some awesome prints and designs, and they look great behind a bed or in an alcove.

They are also perfect for covering up a boring beige wall – or a wall covered in damp.

Get yourself some plant friends

Do you know the best thing about indoor plants? They basically need next to no care. Cacti just sit there, existing. You don’t need green fingers, and they still make your room look great. From potted olive trees to bamboo plants, it’s like having a pet you don’t need to worry about.

Washi tape can lowkey transform your whole life (room)

Never heard of washi tape? It’s basically funky, paper-based sellotape, and people have started using it as wall art. It’s genius, really. It peels off easily and you are completely at liberty to design it however you want. If you have a lot of time, there’s a whole geometric washi tape wall-art craze that’s pretty damn cool.

So there you have it. Follow these simple steps and say goodbye to Netflix binges in a murky, beige bedroom.

A trip to Ikea is definitely in order.

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