Featured Image for Lit wood-fired pizza oven spotted hurtling down Melbourne’s Western Freeway

Lit wood-fired pizza oven spotted hurtling down Melbourne’s Western Freeway

For reasons unknown, a daring driver took to Melbourne’s Western Freeway with a lit pizza oven attached to the back of their ute.

Are they redefining the concept of fast food, ridiculously obsessed with fresh pizza or following through on the dumbest bet ever? We’ll never know.

The bizarre setup was spotted around 5:30 PM last Saturday. The driver towed the lit woodfired pizza oven down the bloody freeway as if was the most natural thing in the world.

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Witnesses of the surreal scene were either shocked, amused or concerned and went on social media to express their impressions.

“Now that’s what I call fast food,” said one user, while another succinctly wrote, “Call the cops, I think that trailer is hot.”

“Businesses idea during peak hour could be hatching!” said another commenter.

Not particularly safe, nor practical, but the sight sure seemed like fun.

The weirdest thing is, it’s not the first time it has happened. In 2016, there were many sightings of the same exact lunacy in New South Wales. Local Kerri Lacey captured a similar mind-boggling setup on her phone while she muttered to herself, “One wonders if this is very safe.”

Her clip went viral and raked in tens of thousands of views on Facebook at the time.

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