Featured Image for A thoroughly entertaining chat with the legend behind ‘Old Codgers Having A Schooner’

A thoroughly entertaining chat with the legend behind ‘Old Codgers Having A Schooner’

Behind The Page is a new Techly series where we have a chat with the masterminds behind our favourite Facebook pages.

Old Codgers Having A Schooner is a Facebook page that delivers what it promises:

Heaps of photos of old codgers having schooners.

But while you come for the JPGs, you stay for the captions – beautifully crafted odes to the elder statesmen who keep alive the great Aussie ritual of knocking the froth off a couple.

We were very excited to talk to the admins poets behind this amazing page, and were not disappointed:

Where did the idea for the page come from? How did it blow up?

It all happened back in September ‘08. I was getting a little bit of wind through the hair in the cenny west and decided to pop into the Royal in Cumnock to whet the whistle and make the most of free snooker on satdees.

Lo-and-behold, there was the usual crowd, reminiscing on their first hole-in-one on the 8th and trying to persuade the young Swedish backpacker behind the bar to forget about the Great Barrier Reef and stick around God’s country until her visa expired.

And then it hit me: give Zuckerberg a decade or so to iron out the book thing and then ride on his coat-tails with nothing more than tripe from the bar-stools.

How’d it blow up? Well, like all good modern dolls, it came with a foot pump.

What is it about old blokes sinking schooies that people love?

Fucked if I know, I’m doing this for mum.

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Talk us through the team behind OCHAS – how many of you are there? What are you doing with yourselves when you’re not running highly successful, niche Facebook pages

Team? Highly successful? Niche? Haha! Mate, I’m doing this on my Pat Malone.

My other main activities include sitting at my computer stewing over punters who provide unwanted feedback on whether a codger is actually drinking a pint not a schooner, taking my cat to the dog park, watching the Gatting Ball on loop, and lamenting the days when you could knock the froth off a jug of Carlton Draught for $12 at the Marley.

The captions with the post are literary masterpieces – how much time and thought goes behind them, and have you always had a knack for writing?

In terms of how much time they take, it really depends on a lot of things; how badly you need a hollow self-esteem boost, how much you steal from the comments, how many Soco’s you’ve had… in all three cases the more you do, the quicker they are to write.

But as a full-time dole-bludger with a degree in doing five-eighths of fuck all, time is quite seriously not of the essence. I can sit for 5 hours figuring out what I’m going to name of one these behemoths and it’s the most productive thing I’ll do all day – I dunno, I’m scared of commitment.

The degree of thought that goes into them though is pretty minimal, just toss together a reference to my recent favourite sporting highlight, a barb at one of the million god awful Australian media personalities and a thinly veiled sexual connotation or two and you’ve got the bulk of my content.

Simple formula for a simple, simple man.

Do you go scouring Aussie pubs for codgers or are most of the photos crowd-sourced?

A consortium of the above options. I’ve personally nabbed a couple of blinders through a blurry lens poking over a concussion in a cup. But the bulk of the crop is harvested from the old inbox – so a big thank you to all those who send in shots of the local heroes that they wish were their dads.

Even though I’m usually too blind to reply, I genuinely have a beer for each and every one of you. Unless you have a Snapchat filter on it or something dumb.

Special mentions to the fellas at the Royal Hotel, and to the blokes enjoying over-priced mid-strengths at cricket grounds across the county.

Godspeed, and always remember to turn off the flash.

Which is your favourite post?

FedEx and DHL apparently have decent rates, and Amazon seems to be tickling some armpits of late, but I’m a true blue Australian Post kinda guy.

Can you describe what sort of old codger you wanna be when you retire?

To retire would mean I’d have to be employed at some stage which is certainly not something I envisage getting involved in.

But if my lungs and liver haven’t packed in before I become a septuagenarian, I just want to be something like the gentlefolk that we wax lyrical about – ivory snot mop on the top lip, speed stripe on the lid, grin on face, beer in hand and a collection of semi-true (but certainly embellished because “who’s going to call me out”) yarns to spin over a Headmaster in a Sunday afternoon beer garden anywhere south of Manus and north of Melbourne.

What are some of your favourite Aussie social media accounts?

Big fan of a lot of them. ‘I saw a UFO and nobody believes meme’ have a gun concept and nail it most times.

‘Trucks I can see from my balcony’ is a wholesome exposé of some of the real hard workers of this country. You’ll get more value from that than any Vice documentary that’s sure as eggs.

And Billy D’Arcy has gotta be one of the favourites at the moment. You get a real genuine sense that if you were to bowl anything wide outside off-stump, this bloke’d throw the sink at it.

A lot of people have compared Codgers to Sneans. Not sure about it if I’m honest – sellouts. By the way, keep an eye out for our merch coming out soon.


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