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Everything you need to know about the upcoming release of the OnePlus 6

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the final specs for their upcoming smartphone and we’re definitively jumping on that hype train.

The increasingly popular tech company said back in January that they would be launching a new flagship handset during the second quarter of 2018, but no further information was revealed at the time.

Last week, Lau posted an announcement on the official OnePlus message forums, including a list of specifications of the upcoming OnePlus 6 and three key features.

“In recent years, smartphones have become more powerful than ever, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become smarter as well,” Lau wrote.

“Often, it feels like smartphones are more of a burden to our lives. Instead of making our lives better, our smartphones are a gateway to the ‘attention economy’, dominated by social media, bloatware, and intrusive notifications.”

Lau announced their new phone will rock a Qualcomm SnapDragon 845, probably making it the most powerful smartphone in the market.

“Fast is not just about shorter loading times or top download speeds, any OEM can achieve high numbers in one or two metrics.

“Fast is about creating a lasting impression of speed and smoothness, throughout all-day use, whether you’re recording 4K video or browsing Facebook.

“Fast is about ensuring there is less than a 1/1000 percent likelihood of your phone freezing, even under constant heavy use. To us, it’s about setting a higher standard.”

Lau also confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will have 256 GB of onboard storage and a whopping 8 GB of RAM.

Aside from the impressive guts, the device is rumoured to feature a dual-lens camera on the central spine of the handset.

Right now there’s still a couple of key specifications we don’t know, like battery capacity and screen resolution, but the announcement gives us enough reason to expect the OnePlus 6 to be one of the best phones released this year.

The OnePlus CEO closed his post by writing, “The value of a premium, next-level experience is that it noticeably enhances your time with your phone. That’s what it is all about.”

“We could not be more excited to continue to raise the bar for ‘burdenless’ experiences, together.”

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